The Portland Wireless Summit Meeting, June 2001

There is a summary of the events of the Wireless Summit at the SummitJune2001 page. Please check it out. This is also where the Real Video footage will be posted when it's available.

This is a meeting of various WirelessCommunity groups from all over the North America, it was instigated by MattPeterson of BaWug. Currently we have confirmed guests from British Columbia, Seattle, Oregon, California and New York. For more information please contact AdamShand.

The meeting is in two parts.

Saturday, June 23rd - starting at 12 noon (Email AdamShand for Location)

Sunday, June 24th - 1:00 - 4:00pm (Browsing Lounge in the SmithMemorialCenter at PSU - Room 238)

Two members of PersonalTelco will be video taping the entire affair in the hopes of some good sound bites. It will then be edited and posted in Real format on the web site. If anyone wants a copy of the raw footage we will be happy to provide it for the cost of a media.


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