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 * Introductions (NigelBallard)  * Introductions (NigelBallard or SamChurchill)
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 * Special OPs Team, looking for new members (OKAY FOR NOW)
 * WarChalk Kit handout
 * Special OPs Team, looking for new members
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  * Beta Site   * Beta Site now the Live site
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  * Play KGW News Clip   * ITEC Conference RickLindahl LonnieWormley NigelBallard AlHooten
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  * Cafe on NW 21st, DarrinEden
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  * NoCatAuth stress testing results   * NoCatAuth crashing on Pioneer Sq and Heaven
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  * AP Radar show and tell by DonPark
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  * October meeting space

The location, date and time of the next meeting is always available on the MonthlyMeeting and WeeklyMeeting pages. We also have archives of the MeetingNotes from all past meetings.

Monthly Meeting

Newbie Welcomes

  • Introductions (NigelBallard or SamChurchill)

  • Who's used a node? Who uses a node regularly?
  • Core Member Introduction (so Newbies can approach later)
  • What is PersonalTelco (AdamShand or NigelBallard)

  • Special OPs Team, looking for new members
  • Location Location Location. Ideas?
  • Wireless Basics
  • Q&A Session ...

Monthly Presentation

  • ??

General Meeting

Future Presentations

  • Help wanted! Got an idea for a presentation please let us know.
  • Anonymity on nodes w/ Cebolla (ZachBrown)

  • How to build a node (DonPark and AndrewWoods)

  • The MusenkiAccessPoint (JimThompson)

  • Accountability without traceablity ... how? (AdamShand)

  • IPv6 as the backbone (ManSig)

  • Distributed mangement and monitoring of Nodes
  • General question and answer session, infrastructure/ad-hoc mode (AdamShand)

  • Captive Portal Demonstration (needs to wait for connectivity)
  • FCC regulations (Unknown)
  • RF lesson (dB vs dBi vs. dBm, fresnel zones, pathloss, isotropic radiator, etc)
  • War driving as a marketing tool :-)

  • Sucess stories (this is what I did to get my node up)
  • Hardware recommendations and what to look for in an AP)
  • Can anyone explain WDS? Other hardcore wireless stuff ...
  • Keeping Free Sources of Internet Connectivity Happy through Bandwidth Management


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