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'''Node name:''' AnnaBannanas<<BR>> '''Node name:''' Anna Bannanas<<BR>>

Node name: Anna Bannanas
Live Date: March 20, 2004
Sponsor: Anna Bannanas
Contact: NetworkOperationsTeam

1214 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 274-2559

Map: https://cwnmyr.personaltelco.net/nodes/AnnaBannanas


  • Netgear WGT634U (on indefinite loan)

Software Installed

Network Topology

  • Hostname: frick
  • ESSID: www.personaltelco.net
  • BSSID: 00:0f:b5:3f:52:71
  • Internet IPaddr:
  • Internet default route:
  • Wireless Address:
  • Wireless Network:

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2009-07-22: During WeeklyMeeting20090722, a group of volunteers decended on the node and decommissioned the NuCab and AP, replacing them with a WgtCab. To clear up a bit of history, back in March 2008, a WGT634U was indeed installed at the node briefly, but it was determined that the previous AP was not at fault and it was replaced. A gigantic Netgear 11b router or something. It is currently in my car. If I remember, I'll document what it was. --RussellSenior

  • 2008-03-13: Installed a new access point, a Netgear WGT634U (donated by Darrin Eden some time ago). I can associate and after restarting nocat it seemed to be working. --RussellSenior

  • 2008-03-12: Went by to check on the node, could not associate to the old access point. Graphs indicate it's been out or at least sick since Monday. --RussellSenior

  • 2007-05-09: At WeeklyMeeting20070509, recrimped the the tip on the run to the upstairs AP, and labelled the NICs and ethernet ends for maximum clarity. --RussellSenior

  • 02/06/2007: Responded to an email about outage. /var was full again, mostly due to a 400+ meg nocat.log. I cranked down the verbosity from 10 to 1. Could probably go to zero, as I believe we have elsewhere, but I haven't done that yet. Also, the staff seem to like to start unplugging things when something goes wrong. Furthermore, the cat5 tips are in ragged shape and could use new crimps (I didn't bring tools with me). We should probably go recrimp and label where various wires go ("AP goes here" and "DSL goes here" or somesuch) --RussellSenior

  • 04/21/2006: Noticed frick was unreachable and stopped by to check on the wiring. They had reversed the cat5 going into the nucab. Fixed, moving AP back upstairs after diagnosis phase.
  • 04/21/2006: Got word via AaronBaer on the ops list that it was out again. Aaron graciously sync'd up keys on the box and I discovered that /var was full. I deleted /var/log/nocat.log and restarted NoCatAuth. There had been 15359 successful auths since November 7, 2004, an average of about 30 auths per day since then. --RussellSenior

  • 04/17/2006: Responded to a downage report. Netgear AP was downstairs plugged directly into the DSL modem. I reconnected through the nucab and it all worked again. We moved the Netgear AP back upstairs over the coffee bar and it was working when I left. No sign of any other wireless gear on the premises. The AP was oversized compared to current devices, so it's probably the 11b. --RussellSenior

  • 10/13/2004: Some reports of customer laptops picking up on neighbor's WiFi signals instead of the ptp signal. This is happening a few times per week, not a huge problem. Maybe an adjustment to the channels? They have two antennas, one for downstairs one for upstairs if I remember right. Or maybe we just need a brochure explaining to neophytes how to adjust their settings? --GeneMerrill

  • 10/15/2004: Added a complete hardware list of what I installed initially. I'll look at the 802.11b. It may be time for Bryant to fork out for a descent AP + Antenna upstairs. :)


  • Ask about the basement smoking lounge. Oh, and the Great Coffee!

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