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   * Carpe Wi-Fiem
   * Communicators of the World, Unite! Seize the means of communication!
   * Ask not what free wifi can do for you, ask what you can do for free wifi (possibly stolen or something from MichaelWeinberg)
   * ''Be'' the free wifi

Some potential slogans for community networking bumper stickers, TeeShirts, posters etc. Many of these are blatently stolen from others, credit is given where remembered, no guarentees made.

Some of these slogan ideas may be on the BannerPage

  • Personal Telco Crew (not sure who ...)
    • Beer, Bento and Broadband (for the LuckyLab)

    • Do it in the park with Personal Telco (naked guy with laptop)
  • K. Forster
    • Encrypt this (centre finger)
    • Wires? We don't need no stinking wires!
  • Jon Russek
    • Your favorite ISP sucks ...
    • Wireless Bandwidth Leech
  • Jim Thompson
    • Overthrowing Qwest one block at a time ...
    • WiFidelic

    • Got Net?
    • All your base are belong to us
      • Or perhaps "All our base [stations] are belong to you" (-caton gates)
  • Bob Keyes
    • Broadband On Board (in the style of "Baby on Board")
  • Jason Lewis
    • Honk if you're wardriving
  • Z at Yaehoo
    • Just share it!
    • Surfers Wanted. (Maybe Drivers Wanted with a laptop or something? -- Adam)
    • Just say no to big telco.
  • Tom Fitzgerald
    • Nothing But Net
    • Free the Surf
    • Wires are for weenies
    • Surf Free Or Die
    • l337 W1F1

    • Open Up
  • Tom Higgins
    • Net Free or Die
    • "We have nothing to loose but our cat5"
    • Freedom To (infromation) -- Freedom From (control)
    • Cut the cable, cut the bills, cut the crap (old clash fans hate that)
    • CommunityNetworking..No Strings Attached

    • PTP--Building our future one node at a time
    • Connect Local, Access Global (this is similar to the Think global, network local" one :-) -- AdamShand)

  • CalebPhillips

    • We might not be everywhere, but at least we don't suck (referring to metrofi)
    • Stick it to the M.A.N.! Choose Free-as-in-freedom WiFi! Choose Personal Telco!

    • Take ownership of your communication; choose free-as-in-freedom WiFi

    • Pushing bits through the air since 2000
  • MichaelWeinberg

    • Live Free or Metro-Fi
  • RussellSenior

    • Ask not what free wifi can do for you, ask what you can do for free wifi (possibly stolen or something from MichaelWeinberg)

    • Be the free wifi


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