Personal Telco Monthly Meeting for February 2004

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, February 25th, 6pm-9pm

Speaker: Phil Busse

Phil Busse is the managing editor of the Portland Mercury and a mayoral hopeful who has listed getting free Wi-Fi in all city buildings as one of his plans for his first 100 days in office. Mr. Busse will share his thoughts on the social implications of Wi-Fi. Phil would like to continue the discussion on his web site,


Agenda Items

Multnomah County Libraries and PTP - Douglas Van Zandt

AntennaModWorkshop - AaronBaer

JiWire node branding - MichaelWeinberg


This event should in no way be construed as an endorsement of Mr. Busse's mayoral campaign. The Personal Telco Project is always interested in speakers willing to share their views on Wi-Fi, be they from a technological, legal or social angle. It is in this spirit that Mr. Busse has been invited to speak.


6:15 meeting called to order

Darren introduces Michael Weinburg Michael talks about HighWire. If you want your node on High Wire, you can fill out a form on the web. Michael will provide Info

Capital campaign update Capital campaign is a campaign to raise $3000 by July, initiated last month. $390 dollars donated so far Matching funds by board members up to $3000 made by July 1st. Additional $170 made by auctioning off SGI system.

Darren talks about meeting with BC wireless in Canada to try and link the two groups Try and make wireless link across the boarder. July 3rd. Big party

August 26th in PDX try and make wireless multi hop link for a day.

New node map based on city bike maps up

Discussion on necessity of captive portal. Continuing discussion from mailing list. Trying to enable mobile IPPhones on PTP nodes.

Anouncement of the InstallfestMarch2004 was made, please go to that wiki page for more info.

8:25 Darren tries to finish old business

Question on how to remove or cull old nodes from NodeDB. NodeDB is a separate site that PTP has little control over. There does exist a system in NodeDB to cull old nodes, but there is a lag time.

Other Comments on additional services via PTP nodes. Local Content Etc.

8:35 Darren Actually finishes old business 8:35 Names drawn for Prizes 8:40 People Disperse.