Just saw this quote from MattWestervelt and had to save it, it made me laugh. Please add any other memorable quotes to do with CommunityNetworking or FreeNetworks here.

"Using a laptop in the car whilst driving is asking for either a traffic ticket or an encounter with your airbag." -- NigelBallard (11 Mar 02)

"We had no tripod on the mountain. a stick and tape would be steadier than a cold geek smoking a cigarette." -- MattWestervelt (13 Jan 02)

"Interesting. Evidently, like BAWUG, Boingo doesn't build networks either." --RobFlickenger (20 Dec 2001)

"The best part about being on the NycWireless network at a public park is all the homeless people come up and ask you to show them porn. It is really funny for the first 15 minutes." -- TerrySchmidt on #wireless (21 Nov 01)

"DSL and Doughnuts" -- Matt Peterson (Nov. 2001)

"Just a network of folks. House to house. I like that." -- MattHickey (Oct 2001)

"I must appear to be very rich, or to have the ability to shit access points." -- TerrySchmidt (01 Sept 01)

"I have nothing against terrorist drug dealer musicians who swear. They can use SeattleWireless all they want." -- MattWestervelt (27 Aug 2001)

"It would be easy to dismiss these guys as benevolent weirdos wasting their time and money, but occasionally it appears their dream may one day be a reality." -- Peter Meyers, The Village Voice (15 Aug 01)

"NAT turns the internet into TV." -- RobFlickenger (Aug 2001)