Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Look here first for resources and tips on doing your Wifi magic.

Other websites you should look at for help are:

Community Wireless Networks who hang out here.

The Questions!


General IRC Channel Questions

Who runs the channel

Is the same as

No, is a seperate IRC network.

Where did go?

The server is offline but the rest of the WirelessIRC network can be reached through one of these servers:

I asked a question but no one is answering me!!

I'm a profiteering wisp and I hate you non-profit idiots

Some asshole named 'aml' banned or kicked me. Wtf?

Why am I op'd?

Who is WifiFred?

Are there channel archives?

Community Wireless Issues

Where can I find a Community Wireless Group to hook up with?

Where can I find peering agreements for Community Wireless networks?

Where can I find an acceptable use policy for my community wireless hotspot?

Commercial (for-profit) Wireless Issues

How can I make money?

Why are WISPs so hostile to community wireless?

General Linux Stuff

How do I install <blah> package?

Are there any small linux distros with wireless?

Wireless Network Card Questions

What is the best 802.11b wireless card?

What about driverloader / ndiswrapper?

Will my Broadcom chipset wireless card work in Linux or *BSD? (Linksys wmp11v2.7 and Dell Truemobile 1180 for example)

Will my Atmel chipset wireless card work in Linux or OS X? (SMC2632W)

I'd like to try doing ___________ with 802.11b. Will it work?

Do 802.11a cards work under Linux or *BSD?

Do 802.11g cards work under Linux?

I'm trying to use my ________ (prism2 chipset card) under linux, and I can't figure out wlan-ng, help!

What driver should I use for Linux?

How do I get my Linksys WPC11 to work under Linux?

How can I find out what chipset my wireless card uses?

I want a wireless network scanner under Linux, or help configuring one, please?

How do I enable monitor mode with this Orinoco?

Will my USB wireless adapter work under Linux?

How can I find what version of Firmware my Wireless Network card has?

I want to install some kind of authentication software for my wireless network, can I do that?

Antennas and stuff

dB, dBm, dBi, mW, W.... What is all this stuff?

How can I calculate the distance my antenna will have?

What is the best antenna?

How can I hack an antenna onto my wireless card?

I want to build my own antenna, where are instructions to do that?

What's the deal with reverse polarity (RP) connectors?

Connecting to Networks

How do I find wireless networks around me?

How do I connect to a wireless network?

How do I hack into my neighbors Wireless Network?

How do I crack WEP?

Why won't someone on #wireless help me crack my, ahh, own network ?

What system do I need for 902.10 Wireless on my TV

Network Configuration help

How do I setup my network to automatically get an IP address?

What commands do I need to use?

Building A HotSpot or Network

What is a captive portal?

What captive portal/gateway software is available?

Where can I find documentation on NoCat?

Security Concerns

How broken is WEP, anyway?

So what could I use, then?

Help with windows specific stuff in NetworkCommands and AssociationWithNetworks would be greatly appreciated. I have pictures and commands for the orinoco software under windows that I can take care of, but anything else is fair game. Further wikiizing this page (like the lucent cards), and any further FAQ's would also be welcome :) --ForrestEnglish