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The Questions!


General IRC Channel Questions

Who runs the channel

Is the same as

No, is a seperate IRC network.

Where did go?

The server is offline but the rest of the WirelessIRC network can be reached through one of these servers:

I asked a question but no one is answering me!!

I'm a profiteering wisp and I hate you non-profit idiots

Some asshole named 'aml' banned or kicked me. Wtf?

Why am I op'd?

Who is WifiFred?

Are there channel archives?

Community Wireless Issues

Where can I find a Community Wireless Group to hook up with?

Where can I find peering agreements for Community Wireless networks?

Where can I find an acceptable use policy for my community wireless hotspot?

Commercial (for-profit) Wireless Issues

How can I make money?

Why are WISPs so hostile to community wireless?

General Linux Stuff

How do I install <blah> package?

Are there any small linux distros with wireless?

Wireless Network Card Questions

What is the best 802.11b wireless card?

What about driverloader / ndiswrapper?

Will my Broadcom chipset wireless card work in Linux or *BSD? (Linksys wmp11v2.7 and Dell Truemobile 1180 for example)

Will my Atmel chipset wireless card work in Linux or OS X? (SMC2632W)

I'd like to try doing ___________ with 802.11b. Will it work?

Do 802.11a cards work under Linux or *BSD?

Do 802.11g cards work under Linux?

I'm trying to use my ________ (prism2 chipset card) under linux, and I can't figure out wlan-ng, help!

What driver should I use for Linux?

How do I get my Linksys WPC11 to work under Linux?

How can I find out what chipset my wireless card uses?

I want a wireless network scanner under Linux, or help configuring one, please?

How do I enable monitor mode with this Orinoco?

Will my USB wireless adapter work under Linux?

How can I find what version of Firmware my Wireless Network card has?

I want to install some kind of authentication software for my wireless network, can I do that?

I'm having trouble with my prism card....

Make sure you have the most up-to-date firmware! It's 1.8.4 for most prism versions. See next question.

What's an easy, reliable way to update the firmware of my prism card?

I (DrDT) have updated the firmware of many different kinds of prism cards using this method (on Windows). It requires modified Senao drivers, the winupdate program, and the correct firmware files for your card. You can find the correct firmware types from this table . Match your "Component ID" (see hostap_diag under linux, or winupdate in windows will show you) against the table and you'll find what primary and secondary firmwares you need. Then you can find the latest primary (pL######.hex, where L is the letter for your primary type) and secondary (sL######.hex, where L is the letter for your secondary type) firmwares on sites such as

Most people will have cards of type 800C or 8013 in my experience; according to that table those types of cards require a "K" Primary and a "F" secondary. the latest versions of these are at (primary "K" version 1.1.1) and (secondary "F" version 1.8.4)

Make sure you have the right type of firmware, and no programs running/problems with your computer during the update. Any small error will permanently kill your prism card! Ask me in the channel if you have questions.

Here's my recommended procedure to update your prism card on Windows:

1) get the Senao prism driver 2) get the winupdate program 3) get the 2 firmware files which match your card, the primary and secondary according to the info above. 4) After removing any old prism drivers, install the Senao driver. Then go into your windows inf directory

5) When you insert your prism pcmcia card, it'll ask for a driver. Select "choose from list" in that box and

6) After installing the card, go to your prism card's driver's options and deselect the "update firmware" option

7) Install and run the winupdate program. Your card should be automatically selected. 8) Add the 2 fimware files above using the "file" menu. Those 2 files should be listed in the main winupdate box,

9) Press the "flash" or "update" button... I forget what it is. Anyways, it'll ask for confirmation and then will start

Again, if there are any questions, ask in the channel.

Antennas and stuff

dB, dBm, dBi, mW, W.... What is all this stuff?

How can I calculate the distance my antenna will have?

What is the best antenna?

How can I hack an antenna onto my wireless card?

I want to build my own antenna, where are instructions to do that?

What's the deal with reverse polarity (RP) connectors?

Connecting to Networks

How do I find wireless networks around me?

How do I connect to a wireless network?

How do I hack into my neighbors Wireless Network?

How do I crack WEP?

Why won't someone on #wireless help me crack my, ahh, own network ?

What system do I need for 902.10 Wireless on my TV

Network Configuration help

How do I setup my network to automatically get an IP address?

What commands do I need to use?

Building A HotSpot or Network

What is a captive portal?

What captive portal/gateway software is available?

Where can I find documentation on NoCat?

Security Concerns

How broken is WEP, anyway?

So what could I use, then?

Help with windows specific stuff in NetworkCommands and AssociationWithNetworks would be greatly appreciated. I have pictures and commands for the orinoco software under windows that I can take care of, but anything else is fair game. Further wikiizing this page (like the lucent cards), and any further FAQ's would also be welcome :) --ForrestEnglish