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 * Intro to WiFi antenna types with design guide for outdoor wireless networks: http://www.wifi-antenna.com/
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 * [http://flakey.info/antenna/omni/quarter/ Spider Omni] very simple homebrew omni

=== Test Equipment ===

 * [http://home.wanadoo.nl/erwin.gijzen/wifiswr/index.html Homebrew 2.4GHz (V)SWR meter]

Antennas are passive devices that radiate radio frequency energy (RF). They do not create RF energy, but they do focus the energy in a specific area or direction, which increases the signal strength in that direction or area. This is specified as Gain in units of dBi. An antenna with 0dBi gain is one which radiates in all directions equally. An antenna with 12dBi gain, has a direction in which the signal is 12db stronger than in another direction.

Antenna links and infotainment for Wireless

Antenna Types

Antenna Info

Build Your Own

Test Equipment

Calculators and Software


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