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=== Next Meeting is Wednesday April 27th 2005 @ Urban Grind Coffee === === The Monthly Meeting is Wednesday @ Urban Grind Coffee ===
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 An RSS feed of Podcasts for recent meetings (circa 2005) are located here: http://www.personaltelco.net/~tom/podcast/rss.xml

The Monthly Meeting is Wednesday @ Urban Grind Coffee

  • 6:00PM - Introduction to Personal Telco for newcomers.
  • 6:30PM - New Nodes and other Announcements.
  • 6:45PM - Business followed directly by informal meet and greet.

We usually hold monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of each month. We get together to discuss issues somewhere in Portland. Typically there will be one or two short presentations, a question and answer session followed by general chit-chat. It's all very relaxed so please feel free to come join us.

[http://www.trimet.org/go/cgi-bin/plantrip.cgi?to=2214+NE+OREGON+ST,PO&by=6:00+pm&on=11/19/03&walk=0.6 Find your way] via TriMet to the meeting. It was held at:

{{{Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. at 22nd. Portland, OR 97232 }}}

Internet Simulcast Information

The IRC channel for the meeting is on server irc.freenetworks.org at channel #ptp.

Meeting notes are available for:


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