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The September 2004 Monthly Meeting


Learn to use your Linksys WRT54g as a full featured nocat node, a client, in pairs as a bridge or coverage extender as well as how to add antennas, tweek the firmware and mount them outdoors.

PlayDaySeven - Using Wireless Nodes/Hotspots in Portland

This PlayDay will help users learn how to hook up with and use our nodes. These will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the basics of your wireless gear, connecting to the PTP and using what we offer. If you have any problems connecting to the nodes, know of anyone who needs to learn how, or simply want to learn more this is the PlayDay for you.

Recent News

The August 2004 Monthly Meeting

The PTP will be at [http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2004/ OSCON (The Open Source Convention)]

PlayDaySix - Raising A Node, The Hows And Whys

Playdays are a time and place for all interested people to gather, listen to some presenters, exchange ideas, break up into focused groups and work at building up each others knowledge. This PlayDay will focus on the building and running of a PTP node. Everyone is welcome, experimentation is encouraged, a good time will be had for all participants.

The World Wide Wardrive 2004

Get to know your nieghborhood , meet new people, see how the wireless network has spread across the landscape. The [http://www.worldwidewardrive.org/ WWW2004] is an event that will bring folks togther to explore and map out the wireless network they live in and around. For more information check out the [http://www.worldwidewardrive.org/ WWW4 page] and to find out how other PTP members are going to participate drop a note of interest on the [http://lists.personaltelco.net/mailman/listinfo/general PTP General Mailing List. ]

The PTP CapitalFund Matching Funds Challange

Up to now the PTP has done most everything out of the pockets and good graces of folks willing to front for equipment, printing, fees and setup costs. The time has come for us to build up our warchest so that we can better work on the PTP's goal "To promote and build public wireless networks through community support and education."

To that end the PTP has started a CapitalFund drive, this is a way for folks to donate money in order that we can gain some matching funds that have been put on the table. Please read the CapitalFund page for all the details.

The June 2004 Monthly Meeting

The May 2004 Monthly Meeting

The April 2004 Monthly Meeting

The PTP's EarthDay Support

Members of the PTP will help set up a free use zone of wireless goodness at a [http://www.earthday.net/g&e/viewEvent.asp?id=590 local EarthDay event on April 17th.] If you are interested in helping out please drop us a note on the [http://lists.personaltelco.net/mailman/listinfo/general PTP General Mailing List. ]

The March 2004 Monthly Meeting

The PTP InstallFestMarch2004

The PTP AntennaModWorkshop

The Februrary 2004 Monthly Meeting

For more info read the MeetingFebruary2004 page.

The January 2004 Monthly Meeting

For more info read the MeetingJanuary2004 page.

The January 20th 2004 Weekly Meeting

Site Survey Maps

[http://www.personaltelco.net/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=sitesurveys View the amazing images of data and maps merged togther] to show the range and scope of some of the PTPs nodes. If you have a node that needs a survey please send an email to the [http://lists.personaltelco.net/mailman/listinfo/ General PTP Mailing List]

Installfest Fall 2003

PTP members gathered to help each other learn and build. Nodes were crafted, antennas mucked with, coffee drank and [http://www.personaltelco.net/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=Node236 pictures taken.]

The January 13th 2004 Weekly Meeting

The PTP InstallFestWinter2004

The January 6th 2004 Weekly Meeting

The December 30th 2003 Weekly Meeting

The December 23th 2003 Weekly Meeting

The December 16th 2003 Weekly Meeting

The PTP HolidayParty2003

The December 2nd 2003 Weekly Meeting

The November 2003 Monthly Meeting

The PTPnet is fast moving from research to reality. This months meeting will cover the progress on the Rocky Butte node, inter node connectivity methods, creation status of new nodes, planned user workshops, reports on PTP resources and ways to help build out the network.

The evolving agenda can be found at MeetingNovember2003 .

The September 2003 Monthly Meeting

Included with this months meeting we have a featured speaker. Don Westlight, engineer manager for NWAX. Past positions include IP Engineering Manager of OHSU, and network engineer for OGI. He is co-author of "A High-Speed Metropolitan Area Network Measurement Study"[1] along with Jim Binkley of PSU.

He'll be speaking about IPv6. Including the current status of IPv6, its usefulness in mobile applications, and the possibility of more widespread IPv6 usage in Portland.

[1] http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/binkley00highspeed.html

PTProactivist Lunchtime Activity August 20th 2003

Pioneer Courthouse Square Area Node

We are please to annouce that one of our most widely used and central nodes is now back in full operation.

Read the press release [http://lists.personaltelco.net/pipermail/general/2003q3/014017.html Here]

And the Node113 Wiki [http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/Node113 Here]

New Personal Telco President Elected DarrinEden has been elected by the membership of Personal Telco to serve as president for the next two-year term. His term starts August 15, 2003.

Official Personal Telco Play Day -

July 17, 2003 New Node Announcement: Irving Park

Installation of a new Personal Telco node was completed yesterday evening that covers the SW corner of Irving Park (NE 7th & Fremont). Best coverage is near the picnic tables that surround the tennis courts.

Node Wiki page: http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/Node487

Information about Irving Park: http://www.parks.ci.portland.or.us/Parks/Irving.htm

June 28, 2003 Personal Telco Project Featured on local news radio program

I always enjoy listening to Nigel talk about wireless. the interview today on the radio http://www.kbnp.com/ was really nice and Molly allowed a lot of time to ask Nigel questions about PTP.

If anyone missed the interview here is the archive: http://www.oregonlive.com/live/techtalk/

Also Rick Lindahl was interviewed in March. He also gave several plugs for PTP.



June 2003 Personal Telco Project [http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/MonthlyMeeting monthly meeting]

See the [http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/MonthlyMeeting monthly meeting] page for more details.

Personal Telco receives federal tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the code.

Thu, 19 Jun 2003 19:14:04 -0700

I am pleased to announce that the Internal Revenue Service as recognized The Personal Telco Project as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

This is much in due to our monthly meetings, hack fests, and play-days! Thanks to all that organize and support those events, lets keep them going strong.

I would like to personally thank everyone that helped in this process, it took a year but it happened!

Pioneer Courthouse Square Node

The downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square Node is currently down because it is being moved to a new location. Service will be returned as soon as possible. Sorry for the disruption of Service.

Official Personal Telco Play Day -

Portland Ranked Most Wireless City in America

The Wireless Commons Manifesto

Notes on the NewbieWorkshop03BR


Official Personal Telco Equipment Play Day

PTP Play Day is today at [http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com Urban Grind Coffee].

Great time to learn about wireless over coffee or tea.

[http://personaltelco.net/index.cgi/PlayDayTwo more infomation.]

Monthly Meeting Thursday March 27 th 6:00pm to 8:45pm

The MonthlyMeeting for March 2003 is Tonight. Location: [http://www.multcolib.org/agcy/cen.html Downtown Central Library]

Note: When you come to the first set of doors in the main library, take a right turn and you?re at the meeting location.

801 S.W. 10th Avenue Portland, OR 97205

23 February 2003 Notes on the NewbieWorkshop02

26 January 2003 Notes on the NewbieWorkshop01

15 December 2002 The Personal Telco Project HolidayParty2002!

11-12 December 2002 - ITEC 2002 Personal Telco Project] will be at ITEC

22-25 November 2002 - PersonalTelcoProject helps OryCon 24 get Internet access

15 October 2002 - Monthly Meeting Oct 31th at Hollywood Library

25 September 2002 - Monthly Meeting Sep 25th at SW Lucky Lab

16 September 2002 - Personal Telco in the news

21 August 2002 - August Monthly Meeting - New Location

21 August 2002 - Ouch! The Slashdot Effect

19 August 2002 - Oregonian Article

18 August 2002 - New Web Site Online